Born half Japanese and half German, descendant of Manchurians and Romany gypsies, Khatti has experienced a diversity of cultures.  From Tokyo to Hong Kong, Jakarta, Los Angeles and several other countries, her upbringing brought her in contact with many facets of the metaphysical and spiritual world.

She has written for ‘Woman’s Day’, ‘Your Destiny’ and ‘Your Life Your Choice’ magazines and has been featured in numerous newspaper articles nationally.  Her radio appearances also span the eastern states of Australia.  She has spent many years on the road with psychic expos in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, and the Northern territory.

Having a passion for colour therapy, Khatti was also the editor for ‘The Australian  Colour Therapy Association’ newsletter.  Her children are all named after colours.

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Whilst she has held many workshops, notably on tour, she was also an instructor for the WEA in Newcastle where she was voted ‘Best Tutor’ in Well-Being by students.

She continues to hold workshops on such topics as:
I have had many readings with Khatti over the last 15 years. I always get a lot out of them for myself and inspiration for my life. Khatti is amazing with her energy and communication...her readings are always spot on. She truly has a gift and super power. I am a client for life! Khatti von Leigh has been working at the Sunshine Castle as our resident fortune teller for functions and events. Those organisers who have booked her through us have always given us incredible feedback and she is in high demand when she does marathon readings, be it tarot or palmistry at an event. Our team love having her at work as she is totally easy to deal with, reliable and helpful at all times. We like getting the occasional staff reading off her too 🙂
From Birte B-U Owner of Sunshine Castle, Bli Bli
When I first met Khatti, I knew right away she was interesting and thought-provoking. On the day we sat together Khatti began a sequence of questions that allowed the flow of her information and provided me with the messages that have since guided my journey. It’s been several months since my reading and I am more aware and grateful for the path Khatti has provided. Life is unfolding as she had forecast.
From Lynne T., Brightwater
I have had name numerology done by Khatti for both myself and my daughter. The insight she gave me was phenomenal. Khatti was very thorough with all the information she gave me. I would definitely recommend Khatti to anyone wanting to know how their name and numbers work.
From Gabrielle B.
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